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Ego, Vgo. Prices are up.

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Ego, Vgo. Prices are up.

Post by thefoxsocks on Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:43 pm

Random Q's:
okay so what is the difference between the 900mah vgo and the 900mah ego? They appear to be the same.

Why are wall chargers 20 $? I lose the usb part left and right.... Couldn't you sell just the usb part for 5-10 dollars?

I really enjoyed the 30 dollar starter kit, why did they take it off? I don't think the carrying case is really worth 10$

Get rid of cartomizers..... Is everybody too lazy to refill ejuice these days? Don't become blue and only sell cartomizers.

As far as ejuice goes why can we now only get tobacco or menthol with our order?

last but not least, efox should develop a passthrough, i think that would sell like crazy.

As a premium ecig distributor, you guys are doing a hell of a great job. All other companies seem to lack in quality and scare me because i dont know if there could be lead or radon in them.

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