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Just got the PPC Elite, help!?!

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Just got the PPC Elite, help!?!

Post by SnapShotz on Wed Mar 02, 2011 5:51 pm

No instructions came with the unit, so I'm confused whether I'm recharging wrong or my PPC is busted.

With the E-Pack unplugged it shows a battery full emblem on the LCD. Plugging it in to the USB plug it lights up blue and shows a charging at 75% emblem(top bar flashes)and after screwing on the dead battery, nothing on the display changes and no lights turn on. After 2 hours I unscrewed the battery and it was still dead. Pressing the button makes the other light turn on Green.

Am I doing this wrong? And is there an online pdf I can download?

Thanks for your time in advance!

I will say this much though..... The eFox is the 3rd eCig I have purchased and is by far the best built. The only downside is the small cartridges.... But the fact that it doesn't leak all the time makes me able to deal with refilling it a few times per day! great job Gents.


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