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Another review from a happy customer...

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Another review from a happy customer...

Post by ICTimer on Sun Nov 07, 2010 4:48 pm

I just felt the need to review the EFox Joye 501 e-cigarette that I purchased about a month ago. For anyone who is on the fence and unsure as to whether to purchase this or not – DO IT NOW. Cool First off,the customer service is amazing – the order shipped promptly with no issues whatsoever. I got the PCC elite model and it is very, very enjoyable. It kicks out a lot of vapor – people constantly stop me and ask me about the e-cigarette when they see how much vapor I exhale. The E juice is great; I am really enjoying the apple flavor. The best part about using an E cigarette at least to this point is that my sense of taste and smell have returned. I can't accurately describe how good that feels in words, so I'll give you a progression of smiley faces to convey the emotion and sensation of getting your taste and smell back...

confused -> What a Face -> Shocked -> Embarassed Embarassed -> tongue -> Cool

Sorry for people that will find that obnoxious, but that's the best way I could describe how it felt.

Don't debate – the E cigarette can change your life, and E Fox does an amazing job of getting quality product directly to you for a very low cost. I cannot recommend them enough.


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